Friday, 8 April 2011

Creation of ministries

This debate came about as a result of one Greenlighter suggesting that Busoga needed a Ministerial post because they have genuine reasons majorly;  poverty, tick infestation, jiggers and so forth. 

This is what others had to say.

"Ministries without action areas  with low esteemed ministers who only believe in charity for their bellies. I don't think its the way forward. Rwanda has how many Ministries. What is the impact? We have had a Ministry for Northern Uganda, how better is the North? This is a lame excuse to create jobs for idlers."

"These ministries are becoming as many as the districts. Government of Uganda please evaluate and assess the benefits of all these money consuming 'idea/ dreams/plans/ pay back systems... (what are they anyway?) Is it not true that we can achieve quiet some development for this country with less spending?"

In livestock prone areas for instance Busoga,  the more ticks you have, the more the animal 

(tax payers) pay the price...every extra tick comes with a Land Cruiser, escorts, allowances, an office, medical insurance, travels, corruption, influence peddling-nepotism, we already cant stand those we have n now u add more unto them...I  love our economics of politics......

  Busoga as a region needs 
 flashing GREEN LIGHTS

to the way they view and analyze issues. They are still in the RED LIGHTS and will continue to be comfortable with the much poverty. They need to demand a generational shift NOW!!!!!

Leaders Spending Habits

Do we need all these leaders coming to Uganda to cost us an extra 3b (3,000million) shillings!!!

No we do not especially if they are coming to congratulate instead of critique His Excellency. Not if they are coming to wine and dine while we wonder what to do with our electoral commission. Not if they are coming to smile the night away while I figure out how to curb this growing unease . 

This new optimistic generation will advise them on how to manage people's monies in a constructive way. Welcome Green Light because we have been stuck in the RED LIGHTS for so long that is why we say NOTHING CAN STOP US.

Oh Uganda may God uphold thee so that we don't spend 3bn in one day yet majority of Ugandans can not afford two meals a day due to the biting inflation. 

United free for liberty together we'll always stand. Oh Uganda the land that feeds us, how are we to be fed when we are subjected to broad day theft of what satisfies us?  How are we to be fed when the money that would boost agricuture and land is spent to feed a miserable batch of people who do not give a hoot about the empty stomachs of our children.

Are they iving up to their promises?

Last June Finance Minister wound up her speech/reading of the budget with these words; 

“Mr. Speaker Sir, it is a well known fact that over 52 per cent of the population in Uganda is comprised of the youth who have been born under the good environment provided by the National Resistance Movement Government. Accordingly, the NRM continues to pay attention to their development and has provided them with many opportunities including: political space, free education in both primary and secondary, good health care, and has now embarked on providing them with skills through vocational training and higher education.

 In addition, Government has introduced special programs that directly or indirectly target the youth. These include: commercialization of agriculture for creations of both farm and non-farm employment, special school leavers’ fund for start-up capital, increasing the ICT infrastructure and related opportunities such as provision of online services in business outsourcing, and provision of entrepreneurial skills and machinery for small scale industries.

 From the foregoing, it is clear that the National Resistance Movement  Party vision is to provide a bright future for the youth of this country. We should not forget that the young people are the leaders of today’s leaders. I, therefore, with humility, dedicate this budget to the youth of this country.

Mr. Speaker Sir, I beg to move.

Deputy Speaker: Rebeca Kadaga

Most of those promises sound so beautiful on the podium. 

She talked of a special school leavers fund as start up capital for the graduates to create their own businesses which to my understanding has never been executed since they failed deliberately to revamp the Directorate of industrial training an institute that would have acted as a solid implementing institution.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Attitude towards work

There is a negative attitude towards Hard Work by most Youth both; still in School and in the Field. If only that could be rectified, everyone should be able to prosper.

Negativity arises out of doing what you don't like. If one is passionate about what they are doing, for sure, they will give it their all. There are other factors too that contribute to de-motivation but passion is key! It is a contagious attitude that has been blamed on our culture.

Could it also be that many of the youth are in school studying courses they don't like and getting placed in careers that are less motivating?

That is a big problem, for example you will find that almost 70% of university students tend to attend a Course because that is the choice given to them.

Unlike in Europe or USA where students grow up with an inspiration to join a given career, in Uganda we tend to hear the talk like, 'I will do any course that they will admit me on which derails.


The Youth are the most vibrant population in Uganda but again the most vulnerable in terms of employment opportunities? what could be the remedy to this?